My Sons Top 5 TV Shows

If you know me, you'll know that I recently became a Dad. My son (still haven't gotten used to saying that!) is nearly 10 months old, and he's opened my eyes to a whole new way of living.

One of those ways is taking me back to my old childhood, and... cartoons!

Miles, is the inspiration behind this post. Here are his (and a littl bit of mine) top 5 kids (but more baby than kids really) cartoons:

5. In The Night Garden

They play this just before bedtime, and it's a bit mad, and loud, and bright... Perfect to get kids ready for bed?

4. Baby Jake

Baby Jake is hilarious. Like those Elf video's you make at Christmas with your own face.

3. Mike the Knight

Mike is one awesome Knight.

2. Waybuloo

Another weird and wacky kids show. Especially the yoga section!

1. The Furchester Hotel

Just brilliant, I often find myself singing the theme tune all day!